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Teaching with care means fostering students' intellectual independence and critical skills, while paying attention to their personal and professional interests and challenges.

Latest courses



Strategic Communication, University of Bergen, 2021

Seminar Topics in Digital Culture: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, University of Bergen, 2020



Media Technology and Society, University of Bergen, 2021

Critical Perspectives on Technology and Society with Bachelor Thesis, University of Bergen, 2020

Advisor and Examiner:

  • PhD student: "Queer spaces and creators on social media: The case of TikTok"

  • MA students:

    • Scriptwriting for TV series

    • Thesis topic Egirls: a subculture of feminist gamers

    • Thesis topic: Posthumanism, Transhumanism and Cyborgs in Science-Fiction Cinema

  • BA students in TV production and scriptwriting (short films), digital media and society


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